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PT. BAE ORBIT SENUSANTARAPT. BAE ORBIT SENUSANTARA is a direct selling company (MLM) which established from 2007 in the direct selling industry. With a vast knowledge in direct selling combine together with the massive amount of experience is what eventually forms a networking business idea that will grow all over the world. The birth of this company is much awaited by all generations of people and also for the people who are synonym with the multi level marketing business.The combination of skills and experience of its founder together with new generation of technology and his protégé will certainly make PTBOS become another medium for making money either for the senior’s entrepreneurs or new entrepreneurs. In this era of new millennium it is all about speed and fast pace. That is why PTBOS is suitable in this new age.It"s time for a new set of marketing plan which could obtain money faster to be introduce to the world. Whether they simply want to be happy, wealthy, or becoming a millionaire, PTBOS provide all the infrastructure requirements and accommodation for the members to achieve their dreams and goals. PTBOS provides a marketing plan that works fast and quick but safe and permanent. Program which are systematically accurate with futuristic network can provide benefits to all individuals who wish to change their ways of lives from the minimum level to the optimum level and it is very comfortable, especially in the aspect of health and economy. With the economic conditions that are rapidly developing, we must coordinate our life accordance to the flow. Each individual must make a paradigm shift within them so that we are not left behind.PTBOS is the stepping stone to ensure that your life is always in a comfortable zone economically and health. Through a simple and affordable enrolment plan, PTBOS will be a platform of strategies for each individual who wishes to participate in this business. By following the modules operandi that has been provided by PTBOS, we are confident that you will be successful and achieve all that you dreamed. PTBOS will reveal the secrets of HEALTH and WEALTH.
Vision : Towards world class.Mission-----Motto : Enriching the Quality of Life
Enhancing our professionalism for longest and sustainable relationship with our clients, authorised business partners and employee.Working together in multiple races toward smart cooperation.Leading your health and wealth progressively and continuously.To innovate for success by leveraging their business through multi-level marketing (MLM).Love life and live it to its fullest in happiness and health.
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